Photo Story

Progressive Love

Chantelle Croeser and Wanya Andrews share a love representative of Millennial acceptance. Their relationship does away with society’s gender binaries. They represent a queer relationship as well as an interracial one, in a mainly heterosexual, white, cis-gendered society. They represent the future, where acceptance is the order of the day.

Wanya meeting Chantelle. Wanya travels from Paarl to Stellenbosch once a week to visit Chantelle, even though Wanya hates the town.
Chantelle and Wanya recover from a hangover in the Neelsie student centre. Wanya has a permanent skin condition known as Vitiligo. It’s characterised by patches of skin losing their pigment. 
Wanya and Chantelle driving around Stellenbosch. “She hates when I tell her how to drive,” laughs Wanya, “but she’s actually a good driver.”
The couple outside Chantelle’s residence in Stellenbosch. They both encompass masculine and feminine identities that complement each other perfectly. 
Wanya and Chantelle ignoring the messy kitchen. You can see the affection in their eyes. They both strongly exhibit an unconditional love even though they live in a society grounded in hostility and judgement.
The couple walking to Chantelle’s residence. Their love inspires a confidence to disregard harmful concepts such as race, gender, sexuality, etc. Unconditional love is incredibly important in this society.