International student receives unwelcome greeting at SU

Stellenbosch – Arnaud Calatayud (28), a post-graduate exchange student at Stellenbosch University’s (SU) horticulture department, was the unfortunate victim of a mugging on his first day in Stellenbosch.

Calatayud was mugged on Monday night near his home on the corner of Banghoek- and Hospital road. “I decided to go out that night to see the town,” he said.

He was approached by three men who asked him for a cigarette. When he agreed, one of the men grabbed him by his shirt collar and told him to empty his pockets.

“One mugger took my watch and necklace and the other took my passport with R500 in it.” They tried to take Calatayud’s cell phone as well, but he began to fight back.

They gave up the struggle and fled with his belongings.

Calatayud flagged down a passing private security car, who offered to take him to the campus security’s building on Merriman street.

Campus security asked him to make a statement and said that they would file a report.

When asked about the report, campus security said that the statement was being processed but no report has been filed as yet.

“Before taking me home they drove me around to see if we could find the men,” said Calatayud. However, they could not find the men.

“We try and give the best welcome to these [international] students, but then incidents like these happen. It’s completely frustrating,” said Martin Smit, Catalayud’s programme mentor and curator at SU’s botanical garden.

Calatayud studied landscape architecture at the National School of Nature and Landscape in Blois, France.


Author: walterhaywardbotha

I'm a Journalism Honours student at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

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